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CARRA MANGIMI's history begins in Parma in 1933, when Artemio Carra, after a starting activity of cereals' commercialization, realizes the growing demand coming from the zoo-technical world and enters upon a first productive activity. The second important generational step goes back to the sixties. In this period the activity changes from handicraft to industrial and the increasing of the sales establishes at the beginning of the eighties, the need of the construction of an up-to date productive plant specialized in the production of feeds for pigs and cattle.


The internal analysis department manages also the analysis of the raw materials and of the forage of the company, for the customers. In order to be able to guarantee these services, CARRA MANGIMI established some "rules" which set up its "Quality System". Each instruction is checked, respected, documented and complete the Company Quality System ISO 9001:2000 certified from an independent and recognized organism.