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Carra Mangimi's products are exclusively destined to pigs' and cattle's feeding, with specialization in the first animal's periods of life.

Creep feeds and feeds for the period of weaning distinguish themselves for desirability, carefulness of working and personalization.

Particular diets for pregnant sows contribute to the maximum wellbeing and productivity.

Alimentary curves for fattening pigs are studied following the genetic and managerial potential of the breeding.

The products belonging to the pigs sector guarantee high efficiency respecting the disciplinary.

Personalized feeds and nuclei for dairy cows for the Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano production and also for alimentary milk production, conform to the rules of the respective association of tutorship.

This sector is completed thanks to specialized products and vitamin-mineral premixes which better the metabolic functions of the cattle during the delicate phases of the productive cycle, such as dry, transition and beginning of lactation.

Linea Blend

For the sector of calves and bovines, to the traditional lines of feeds and nuclei with high level of growth, come alongside the BLEND line.

This modern technology is based on the use of raw materials which, for composition, granulometry and desirability induce an high index of chewing with consequent benefit of wealth and growth.