001 About Us

The story of three generations

In 1933, the CARRA mangimi company was founded in Parma, when Artemio Carra sensed the growing demand of specific products for livestock feeding.

In the 60's the second generation transforms the small craft business into an innovative and industrialised company.

With the third generation, the company expands, up to what CARRA mangimi is today: a cutting-edge company in the feed industry.

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002 Products

Products for swine and cattle

For the swine sector, CARRA mangimi, has specialised in the production of innovative food for the most delicate phases of pig breeding, especially the first stages of animal development. 
CARRA mangimi meets the various customer needs, by exploiting high formulation technologies and working on customised formulas.

For the cattle sector, CARRA mangimi has specialised in the production of custom feed and nucleus for dairy cows to produce Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, as well as drinking milk, in compliance with the regulations of the respective protection consortia.
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"For over 80 years, CARRA mangimi produces state of art feed for pigs and cattle, thanks to the use of high production technology and continuous research in the nutritional field."

003 Services

Complete and professional assistance

CARRA mangimi offers its customers analysis on raw materials, farm fodder and finished products in its own internal laboratory to determine the nutritional characteristics of food; it also performs field analyzes to assess the health, nutritional and welfare status of farmed animals.
In addition to these analyzes, CARRA mangimi provides a wide range of special services for the pig and cattle sector.

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