"For over 80 years, CARRA mangimi produces state of art feed for pigs and cattle, thanks to the use of high production technology and continuous research in the nutritional field."

001 Swine

The Swine sector

For the swine sector, CARRA mangimi, has specialised in the production of innovative food for the most delicate phases of pig breeding, especially the first stages of animal development.

CARRA mangimi meets the various customer needs, by exploiting high formulation technologies and working on customised formulas.

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CARRA mangimi has studied and perfected the various product lines which meet the different genetic needs. It produces special feeds to support the sow at different stages of the production cycle - gestation, antepartum and lactation - and for piglets, from birth to the delicate stage of weaning.

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CARRA mangimi has generated numerous feed lines which can be customised according to the needs of the individual farm. The wide range of products is designed to support piglets from the delicate phase of weaning up to 35 kg of live weight, in order to maximize the animal ingestion and performance during the entire production cycle.

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CARRA mangimi produces customised foods for pigs intended to produce Prosciutto di Parma, San Daniele and butchery products, in compliance with the individual regulations.

  • IPER MAM *
  • GROWER *

* The feed is also available as a concentrated nucleus, to manage and enhance the company's raw materials.

The Anhea lines, specific for animal health and well-being, complete the product range.

002 Cattle

The Cattle sector

For the cattle sector, CARRA mangimi has specialised in the production of custom feed and nucleus for dairy cows to produce Parmigiano Reggiano and Grana Padano, as well as drinking milk, in compliance with the regulations of the respective protection consortia.


The line of feed products which is characterized by the presence of coarse-grained raw materials.
The line consists of both products for calves, functional for the correct ruminal development, also for lactating cows, in order to maximize production performance.


Over the years CARRA mangimi has perfected products which go from the first days of animal's life along with its development.
It offers customised feed for calves and heifers, aimed at maximising ruminal development, food ingestion and future production.


CARRA mangimi has studied specific products to support the cow in the delicate dry period, preparing it for delivery. The feeds are prepared in order to avoid the onset of food dysmetabolic and promote a proper recovery of milk production.


CARRA mangimi has studied different customised feeds and nucleus for lactating cows, both for traditional feeding and for mixer wagon, prepared in order to cover the maintenance and production needs of cows and maximize their food efficiency.


The dairy sector is completed by a line of supplements, divided into energy and protein supplements, suitable to meet the needs of the most productive animals in the first phase of lactation, and fibrous supplements, which can be used in partial hay replacement.
The Anhea lines, functional, highly technological products to contrast the main cattle problems.