Our services

CARRA mangimi offers its customers analysis on raw materials, farm fodder and finished products in its own internal laboratory to determine the nutritional characteristics of food; it also performs field analyzes to assess the health, nutritional and welfare status of farmed animals. In addition to these analyzes, CARRA mangimi provides a wide range of special services for the pig and cattle sector.

001 The swine sector

The swine sector

Nutritional care based on the specific breeding features, such as breeding genetics, facilities, management in order to offer the best performing food planning and curves.

Health care for the management of diseases which affect pigs reared by carrying out targeted screening or analysis on blood, feces, organs and carcasses in collaboration with local Zooprophylactic Institutes.

Management assistance to optimise the breeding management, to ensure a greater state of health and animal welfare aimed at maximising the company's business.

002 The cattle sector

The cattle sector

Nutritional care
by preparing the most suitable ration based on the farm raw materials, the animals' characteristics and their production status (precision feeding). The technical staff is able to carry out a specific analysis of all the factors that can influence food efficiency and provide or produce solution to the possible critical areas.

Technical assistance

performed by veterinarians which carry out blood and stool analysis to assess animal health and welfare.

Management assistance
to support the breeder in the herd management in order to maximize the company's business.