001 Our story

The story of three generations

In 1933, the CARRA mangimi company was founded in Parma, when Artemio Carra sensed the growing demand of specific products for livestock feeding.

In the 60's the second generation transforms the small craft business into an innovative and industrialised company.

With the third generation, the company expands, up to what CARRA mangimi is today: a cutting-edge company in the feed industry.

002 Partnership

A relationship of trust

A trust and mutual understanding relationship binds the company to its clients. The realisation of high quality customised products, able to satisfy the needs of a single customer, combined with the care of the production process and complete technical service, are the key values on which the philosophy of CARRA mangimi is based.

"Always be there, every day, alongside the breeder. CARRA mangimi means a reliable and safe PARTNER. At all times."

"Always be there, every day, alongside the breeder. CARRA mangimi means a reliable and safe PARTNER. At all times."

003 Our Quality

Quality and excellence all around

CARRA mangimi is committed in the research and selection of the best raw materials to generate products of excellence.

To ensure its costumers high quality products, the in-house laboratory performs real-time analysis to establish the conformity of every incoming raw material and proceeds to check the Carra products during the entire production process and before shipment, following self-control plans established according to the principles of HACCP.

The company has also certified all its business processes through the ISO 9001/2015.

004 Zootecnics

Research & Innovation

CARRA mangimi is constantly engaged in research and testing in the livestock sector. CARRA mangimi staff enriches its technical and scientific knowledge on nutrition and animal health, production technologies and breeding management, in order to realise innovative products which, meet the different needs of its clients cooperating with specialised laboratories, Research Institutes and prestigious University Institutes.

For this business, CARRA mangimi is supported by Anhea srl, an independent Business Unit, specialised in scientific research in the nutritional field and in management consulting and business development.